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Galapagos; Islands Born of Fire
by Tui De Roy
In words and pictures, Tui De Roy, a magazine writer and one of the world's leading wildlife photographers, introduces readers to the islands that were her home for 35 years. Brought to the Galapagos at age two by her Belgian parents, De Roy grew up amongst the giant tortoises, the iguanas, the sea lions and............Read more about this book
Leaftailed Gecko Leaftailed Gecko Leaftailed Gecko Seychelles Green Gecko, Phelsuma astriata Bignose Chameleon Panther Chameleon Furcifer pardalis Leaftailed Gecko
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nr. 08_1487
nr. 08_1498
nr. 2000303
nr. 08_1426
nr. 08_0365
nr. 08_1463
Green Chameleon Green Turtle
Lava Lizzard, Tropidurus albemarlensis
Bignose Chameleon Chameleon Giant Madagascar Day-gecko Leaftailed Gecko
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nr. 08_0490
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nr. 08_1453
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nr. 08_1458

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