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Marsh Harriers, Circus aeruginosus ± 2 weeks Marsh Harriers, Circus aeruginosus ± 6-8 weeks Cimango Caracara, Milvago chimango Tawny Eagle, Aquila rapax African Fish Eagle, Haliaeetus vocifer Eastern Chanting Goshawk, Melierax poliopterus
nr. 752
Sound Marsh Harrier (45K) nr. 764
nr. 587
nr. 980
nr. 979
nr. 1999249
Bateleur Black-Chested Snake-Eagle Tawny Eagle, Aquila rapax African Fish-Eagle African Fish Eagle, Haliaeetus vocifer African Fish Eagle, Haliaeetus vocifer
nr. 09_6781
nr. 09_6638
nr. 09_6864
nr. 09_6480
nr. 2002770
nr. 2002769
Black-Collard Hawk Northern Goshawk Crested Caracara Juvinile Bateleur Greater Kestrel, Falco rupicoloides Black-Collard Hawk
nr. 10_5773
nr. 10_3618
nr. 10_6127
nr. 1999616
nr. 319
 nr. 10_6413
Juvenile Snail Kite Great Black Hawk Longcrested Eagle, Lopheatus occipitalis Hen Harrier Savanna Hawk Roadside Hawk
nr. 10_5934
nr. 10_5883
nr. 1999338
nr. 12_4057
nr. 10_5902
nr. 10_6080
Galápagos Buzzard, Buteo galapagoensis
Juvinile African Hawk Eagle, Hieraaetus spilogaster
Galápagos Buzzard, Buteo galapagoensis
nr. 2003672
nr. 952
nr. 104

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