Sable Antelope

Sable Antelope
Hippotragus niger
Hippotragus niger
                                                                     nr. 329 
Its distribution is patchy and not continuos, but, by now, it does not run the risk of extinction. It is possibly to find him in the southern Savannah. From the equator to the Capricorn's tropic.
Water is essential for its life and it prefers open woodlands with medium to tall grass.
Male: mass average 230 kg.

Female: mass average 215 Kg.
Shoulder height: Male 115 to 140 cm - Female 100 to 125 cm.
Average horn length both male and female 102 cm.
A diurnal animal which lives in herds usually numbering from 10 to 30 individuals, but occasionally larger groups come tighter. Its worst enemy is the lion.
Grasses, and it needs drinking very often.
A single calf; the gestation period is about 270 days.

From 15 to 20 years.

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