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Blackspotted_Sweetlips_Plectorhinchus_gaterinus Picasso Trigger Fish, Rhinecanthus aculeatus Napoleon Fish, Cheilinus undulatus Zanzibar Butterfly Fish, Chaetodon zanzibariensis Morish Idol, Zanclus cornutus Bigfin Reef Squid
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nr. 2000156
nr. 2000241
nr. 2000249
nr. 2000258
nr. 2000314
Crown of thorns, Acanthaster planci Squamose Giant Clam Jewel fairy basslet & Vanderbilt's Puller Common Lion Fish Common Lion Fish Starfish
 nr. 200276f19
 nr. 200276f17
 nr. 200278f36
 nr. 200276f00
Rib Butterfly Fish, Chaetodon trifasciatus Longfin Bat Fish, Platax teira Ember Parrot Fish, Scarus rubroviolaceus Blue fin Jack, Caranx melampygus French Angelfish (intermediate) Pomacanthus paru Crocodile needlefish, Tylosurus crocodilus
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nr. 2000115
nr. 2000090
nr. 2000116
nr. 701
nr. 2000196
Powder-blue Surgeon Fish, Acanthurus leucosternon Big Longnose Butterflyfish Skunk Anemone Fish Trumpet Fish, Aulustomes chinensis Yellowtail Triggerfish Green Turtle, Chelonia mydas
nr. 2000082
nr. 200277f07
nr. 2000247
nr. 200274f31
nr. 2000317

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