Duck and Geese
        nr.425& 426
Kelp Goose 

Falkland Islands and Southern South America
Length:  64-69 cm      Height:  35-38 cm

Female Kelp Goose, Chloephaga hybridaMale Kelp Goose, Chloephaga hybrida

Adult male very distinctive, totally white with clear yellow legs. Bill black. Adult female heavily barred black and white on flanks and breast, with finer barring on neck becoming almost invisible on throat. Nape and back glossy black. Lower belly and tail white. Distinct white eye ring and deep pink bill. Legs clear yellow. Breeding begins with egg laying in third week of October to early November. Generally nests near the shore, often immediately above the high tide line. Prefers tussock fringes as nest cover. Incubation period 30 days. Young capable of  flight in about ten weeks. Fairly common and widely distributed. Found on most types of coastline where it can graze at low tide on Sea Lettuce and the small brown seaweed. Also grazes on grass.

Maccoa Duck, Oxyura maccoaHooded Merganser, Mergus cucullatus
Falkland Flightless Steamer Duck

Species restricted to Falkland Islands
Length:  61-71 cm  Stands: 25 cm  Weight: 3-4 Kg

Falkland flightless Steamerduck, Tachyeres brachypterus

Heavy build duck with large bill. Upper parts dark blue-grey and feathers on shoulders and back have a light metallic sheen to their centres. Upper brest blue-grey. Under parts white. Adult males have light grey head, becomes almost wholly white in old birds, and deep orange bill. Adult female has a purple-brown head and olive-green bill with black tip. Both sexes have orange feet and white eye ring. Common and widely distributed. Feeds in shelter of kelp beds and close inshore on a variety of marine life, but largely on shellfish. Not capable of sustained flight, but by rapid paddle-like wing beats "steams" over the surface of the water when escaping from danger or chasing intruders. Breeding begins with egg laying in mid September to mid October.

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