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This image archive contains hundreds of animal images from all over the globe like:
  Antarctica, Aruba, Botswana, Falklands, Galapagos, Kenya, Namibia, Netherlands, Shetland Islands,Tanzania, Iceland, New Zealand.
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African Elephant with Impala's, Chobe N.P., Botswana
Southern Elephant Seal, Gold Harbour, South Georgia Island (U.K.)
White Rhino, Matopos N.P., Zimbabwe
Gemsbok, Etosha N.P., Namibia
Burchell’s Zebra, Etosha, Namibia
Eating lion chasing Jackalls, Etosha, Namibia
Highly Recommended by WildlifeLands:
Eye to Eye -Frans Lanting.
Frans Lanting, a Dutch American photographer, delivers yet another extraordinary book drawn from time spent alongside African waterholes, Antarctic beaches, and North Pacific islands, among other locales. Lanting chronicles the lives of residents such as the aye-aye of Madagascar, the elephant seal of California, and the caiman of Brazil. He favours an up-close and personal approach to his work, and his aptly titled Eye to Eye, made up of 140 colour plates, captures the essential qualities of various animals. The subjects did not always appreciate posing for him; while making his images Lanting was challenged by African elephants, sniffed at by lions, and shunned by macaws. Read more about this book.

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